I went to Tsutaya, a common DVD rental shop in Japan.  I used to go there quite often, especially when my son was younger, and it was easy method of babysitting was to stick a kid’s movie into the DVD player.   I really wish it was closer because it is quite far from me on my bike (I don’t drive), plus then I have to return within a week to return the DVD.  I have always found this to be a PITA.

The sign says in katakana “Men’s Day.”  The Women’s Day and Men’s Day are a new thing at my Tsutaya.  I have no doubt Tsutaya is having economic problems since there is so much competition for them.

I myself rarely go there anymore since I started on Netflix.  I am not really that big of a TV watcher……..but sometimes I feel like there are programs that are SO FAMOUS I have got to watch them.  So the first show I started on when we got Netflix was Mad Men (which I stopped because I didn’t like it.)   Then I started Downton Abbey, which I really enjoyed very much, plus all of Glee.  I ran out of “happy” shows and started The Walking Dead, watching the entire first season in a week…..which I do NOT recommend!   Damn cliffhangers.

The Walking Dead was, of course, addictive, yet disturbing for me since it really brought me back to the time after the earthquake.  The travel from one point to another, not knowing if you will make it.  The empty shops.  Just the general fear.

I was quite surprised there is an Asian guy White Girl romance.  I guess I had vaguely heard about it, but sort of forgot about it.   I mean in Glee, the Asian guy is very much a side character, so I assumed it would be the same.  Go Asian guys!*

I know kids (well, at least not MY kid) will not be watching The Walking Dead, but when I was a kid, I never saw that kind of pairing, either on TV and movies or  in real life.  (Hey, I am from the midwest.  Not a lot of diversity.)  The first time I did actually, was in my twenties…I was in California and met a really nice and smart “Half” girl.  She said her dad was Japanese (from Japan, not Japanese American) and her mom white.  Did she influence me in any way, since I am a white girl who the following year started dating an Asian guy?  I don’t really think so, but at the time I did think that it was interesting because I had never heard of such a match.  I think nowadays such relationships are MUCH more common.

*Maggie is the aggressive one in the relationship so maybe I should be saying “Go White Girls!”???

I typed Maggie and Glenn into Yahoo for other points of view:  I agree Maggie’s mercurialness is kind of annoying but she is, um, one of the last available women on earth.  Glenn doesn’t have a lot of choices.

Wait, why is that RIP after Glenn’s name?  That has got to be a mistake.

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