If y’all haven’t noticed, I have been posting pics of my American vacation.  It’s taken this long due to, um, both camera problems, and then after that, computer problems.  Anyway,  enjoy.



We went to my favorite place, the bookstore.  Specifically Barnes and Noble.  We wanted to check out the manga section.  Does America really and truly have Japanese manga?  Could these rumors I hear be true.

Yes!  Manga in America is a reality!  It was all in English, not bilingual Japanese and English (unfortunately for us mentally ambidextrous readers of comics.)

They only had the stuff my son doesn’t like.  The serious stuff with wide eyed vixens who have big boobs.  Otaku stuff.  They did have One Piece and DragonBall, but my son isn’t into that.  I can’t remember if they have Conan.

My son’s favorite mangas are

Coro Coro

Penguin’s Trouble (Penguin Beckham)


Mari Kun (Mario Brothers)

None of these were at the Barnes & Noble in the U.S.

That’s what he told me just now.  Gotta go.  Get ice cream. 31% off at Baskin Robbins.