Hey, they have that guy in Japan!  We love that guy!


These are really old pics from America.   However, proof that American movies are cheap cheap cheap!  This Godzilla movie was second run, and 3.25 for a 3D movie.  That’s just crazy cheap.    They don’t come that cheap in Japan.  First of all, they don’t have second run movies here.  Second, the cheap price (for an adult) is about ten dollars.   I always try to get it at that cheap price.  I buy “mae uri ken”  (tickets purchased before the opening day) or I go on a discount day.

I did notice that our local Aeon movie theater has discounted adult prices from 1800 yen to (I think) 1300 yen during the month of September.  However, there is nothing I particularly want to see that is out right now……….