Off to Thailand!

My niece is living in Thailand until December. So it was a perfect opportunity to visit her and have a great “Thai”me together.


Narita Airport!  Took Japan Airlines to Thailand.


JAL meal.  Watched Malificent, which was better than I expected.


The airport in Bangkok!  Whoo hoo!  The airport was very modern.


McDonalds.  Did not actually eat here.  Just looking!


Thai Japanese style


The subway….again very modern.


Advertising.  I like this girl’s expression.  She’s like, “Wow, a candy bar!”  I bought Thai chocolate bars as souvenirs, but have not tried them yet.  My niece said that Thai chocolate is not very good–it’s waxy.


Guess where I went???


Money…..The man on the bills is the revered king


No toilet paper in the toilet!!  It goes in the trash.  I discovered this is a HARD habit to break.


A 7-11 convenience store.



I went on a morning walk to explore and found this little shrine.


My niece buying street food for breakfast for us.  We ate almost all our meals at street stalls.  And did not get sick once!


This is “take out” food.  People buy it and take it home.


So……what country is it!?!

Hint:  It was totally terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m going somewhere!

It’s a surprise! Can you guess where? Hint:  It’s NOT an ebola affected area.  (So therefore, not Dallas/Fort Worth).  However, it is very exciting! Be back in a week or so!


I leave you with photos of our recent Halloween breakies:

DSCF2524 DSCF2503 DSCF2504 DSCF2508 DSCF2509


Ebola Fears

I have been worrying about Ebola…..a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I want to say that my heart goes out to all the victims.

My husband develops medicine as a career, and he was telling me that eight years ago there were no medicines at all to combat Ebola. He said that he, and all the members of the medical field, were really worried. However, now there are medicines available…….if you get treatment early. So there’s that hope anyway.

Also, I want to say that I have been reading that Americans want to prevent people from affected countries from coming to America.

One problem is…….NOW America is one of those affected countries. So countries like Japan could say, “We won’t accept people from the affected countries–Liberia, Sierra Leone, the United States, Spain….and so on.”

So what comes around could go around.

I have plans to return to the Dallas area this upcoming winter. My husband thinks it will be okay to travel there. I am a little worried. Not only of getting Ebola (which would be horrible) but also the possibility of returning and then getting a fever—which would cause a huge Ebola scare in Japan. since I had just returned from an affected area.


And then it just turns out to be a regular flu. I don’t want to be infamous.

Anyway, I am praying for this to end and for God to have mercy.


Up to date on language learning….

This is just sort of a random post because I don’t have much to say.

I have been doing the Reading Comprehension Somatome Book. Reading Comprehension is my REAL weak point, something I desperately need to work on. Anyway, I was getting a little bored and tired with endless short essays, so I put it aside for a regular book. I chose one of my son’s books, “How to Train your Dragon.” It was a nice change of pace. I was reading it just for fun, not for any N2 study practice. But…….after a while, I grew impatient. In the back of my mind, I wanted to get back focused on N2. So I returned to the Reading Comprehension book.

It’s nice to take a breather now and then.

With regards to my son’s learning……He completed his “Spectrum Writing” book. But he did NOT want to continue. And honestly, I am fine with that. I told him, “Instead of writing practice, you have to create a comic book in English.” So that’s what he will do, starting today. It’s kind of a breather for him, too.

Usually, when he creates comic books, they are in Japanese, though they will include some English. For his actual class, the comic must be primarily in English. So later I’ll blog about it and let you know how it goes.

Have a nice day!


Whew, I made it out of that Haunted House alive

and am here to talk about hair color.

Anyway, my hair is naturally a glorious mousey brown/dishwater blonde. I love the color. It’s me.

However……..the day after my son was born I started going gray. (Honest!) So now my hair is naturally brown with some gray. I don’t love it, and my husband doesn’t love it, and my son doesn’t love it. Nobody loves it.

A long time ago, I went to the hairdresser in Japan and got it dyed.  The result was an orangey color.  It turns out that dye meant for black hair doesn’t work well on brown hair.

So now I use the home stuff, L`Oreal.  I have ordered it from the Internet and also brought it from America.  The color is dark blond, and the result is really close to my natural color.  So I am pleased with it.

Anybody who doesn’t have Asian hair is in trouble in Japan, but luckily there are ways around it.  It’s so nice to have hair that is a lovely color!