After lunch, we went to a shopping area and walked to a building called the Bunsyoukan.  It used to hold the offices of the Yamagata Prefectural government.  It is exactly one hundred years old this year (2016).  Woo hoo!


Inside the Bunshyoukan were exhibits and a coffe shop.  Very interesting!


My husband had told me “Go to Yamadera.”  However, that’s located out of the main city area, so we couldn’t go there.  “Well then,” he said, “Go to Nanokamachi.”

That’s this little shopping area.  He had told me that there was an extremely famous sweets shop…but I forgot he told me that, and didn’t go!  (Or perhaps I wasn’t listening?)  He was a little disappointed I didn’t go to the famous sweets shop he recommended!


But we did manage to do shopping, definitely!  On left is a Lupicia bag with Christmas gifts of tea for my Japanese teachers.  I basically have three teachers (one on Wednesday and two on Friday) but I like to give to the other teachers, too.  On right are sweets for my sweet son and husband.