Maneki Neko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maneku=to beckon 招く (maneki=invitation 招き)

neko=cat 猫

Beckoning Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are NOT Chinese cats!  They are born and bred Japanese cats.  They originated in Japan in the Edo era (1603-186).


A long while back, I gave my aunt a maneki neko.  So thus she started her maneki neko collection.   She has several now.  I saw these and wanted to by her one, but couldn’t remember what the raised paw meant exactly.  I knew one paw meant customers and the other paw money, but which was which?  So I asked the department store staff and they did not know either.   So they researched it for me.  It turns out if the left paw is raised, the cat is welcoming customers/guests and if they right paw is raised, it is welcoming money.   For me info, you can look at this informative website:


Cute little pins!  Yeah, different things have different meanings.   Good conversation starters!



The same pins.  Totally adorable!


Oh, you cute little kitties.  I want a whole room full of you.  vector icon japanese cat toy Stock Vector - 15995591And a whole room full of kokeshi.  kokeshi : Japanese doll  KokeshiAnd a whole room full of akabeko.  akabeko :  Japanese traditional toy Akabeko  And a whole room full of  plants that grow money.  money tree : A money plant made out of US Currency in a pot of pennies on white background.That’s all I want.