Okay, now I going out of the back of the Kajo Building.


Walking to nearby Kajo Park.


You can see it there on the map.


Approaching Kajo Park….


Off to my left…


And behind me, we see Kajo Building…


I found the park lovely.  I realize that it’s probably the least prettiest season.  No leaves or flowers or even snow.  However, the weather was nice for walking.  Chilly, but not terribly cold.  No wind.  Mostly blue sky.

In the summer (and late spring and early fall), Japan is just too uncomfortably hot and humid for enjoyable sightseeing.


Came upon this treausure.  Isn’t it like something out of a book?

It’s a former hospital, now a museum.  (Free of charge.)


Somebody famous…a non-Japanese person I believe…but I don’t know who, exactly.


I snapped this photo because there was snow on the ground in Yamagata City, but we didn’t have any at all in Fukushima City.  However since I took this photo last Thursday, we have started getting a bit of snow here.


When I was leaving the park, I heard a soft chirping…of a bird?  of a bug? I looked for the curious noise…it was a cat!

This cat came up to me with her low chirp….

Her fur was quite healthy.  However, she had an air of desperation and sadness about herself.

I am guessing this cat was abandoned in the park, but quite recently.  Poor little kitty!

She was friendly, so I am hoping somebody took her home.  (Probably what her idiot former owners thought, too!)

Made me so sad……I wanted to take the cat of course, but our home does not allow cats. Maybe I personally would disobey this rule and secretly keep a cat (my former neighbor secretly kept a menagerie!)  However, my husband is a very “by the rules” type of guy and although he adores cats he would never ever break the “No Cats” rule.