When I first arrived in Yamagata City, it was slightly before nine.  In Japan, most shops and museums and so on open at ten a.m.  So I headed to the Kajo building which adjoins the train station because its observation area is open quite early.


That sign says, “Kajo Central.”  It’s the tallest building in Yamagata Prefecture.  It has twenty-four floors, I believe.  I think it has a lot of offices inside.  It also has the main tourist information area for Yamagata Prefecture.


This says, “Kousoukai Erebeetaa.”

Kousou 高層 means high altitude.

In this case, the meaning is the elevator for the high level floor, i.e. observation area.


Here we are!  Yamagata City…….  That’s Kajo Park, where I will go later.


Lots of mountains in the distance…



The observation area is free and comfortable.  They also have a couple of restaurants where you can eat with a view.


Beautiful sky!


I enjoyed the observation area.  A nice thing to do before places in the city open up for business.