Recently we had another case of “Vocabulary Victory!”  (When we learn a word during our English lesson, and then see it later the same day in actual use.)


I bought this book from a local bookstore.  It has recent CNN news as it originally appeared.  It is geared for learners of English.


So we were looking at this word list for an article and learning the words. Usually what I do is I have my husband read the Japanese (from his spot on the kitchen table, where he is reading the morning newspaper) and help me explain the word, him using Japan, and me using English. So the word was tax haven.  It was kind of difficult for me to explain, since I am not very financial…..  (A lot of  “Well, you see, rich guys, they um… they hide their um, money…..”  I think my husband does a better job of explaining than me!)


We finish up each English lesson with two “just for fun” (but also secretly educational) activities—reading from a comic or graphic novel and sticker time.  This particular comic was chosen at a bookstore in Sendai by my son.  So anyway….Whoo hoo!  There is the word “haven.”  I was so excited!   Haven by the way means a “safe place.”  It can be hard for me to accurately explain words.  I keep a dictionary (an actual dictionary, not online) next to us to make sure of a word’s meaning when I falter.