And so is Hanukkah!

Today’s post is in honor of three women I admire very much.  Three western women who are married to Japan men.  They all wrote books, and wouldn’t those books make great presents for the holidays?

So in alphabetical order…..

First is Suzanne Kamata.   She’s quite prolific.  My favorite of hers is a YA book called “Gadget Girl” about a girl and her mom.  I can’t wait for her new book to come out “The Mermaids of Michigan Lake.”

Next is Leza Lowitz.  She’s also quite prolific.  She wrote a nifty book about being married to a Japanese man (and also adopting her son.)  What I thought is interesting is that even though we are both happily married, my J Man is completely different from her J Man!  (But both are great.  No two J Men are alike.)  My favorite books of hers is a YA book about the 3/11 tsunami “Up from the Sea.”

Last, Rebecca Otowa.  You think I know a lot about Japan?  I don’t hold a candle to this woman.  She knows A LOT.  Both her books are great.  One is for adults, one for kids.  She writes with such beauty.

So please explore!