Two days ago, I wrote a little post about a Christmas card I found, and explained that Japanese people are more into New Year’s cards than Christmas cards.  (Which makes sense, since this is not a Christian nation.)

Okay, so I snapped the following photo in my local grocery store:


Various New Year’s Cards. Since 2017 is the year of the rooster, they have lots of roosters.   They are postcards, not elaborate greeting cards.  (Almost all New Year cards are postcards.)  In this display, you get three cards for about four dollars–and that includes postage for domestic (within Japan) delivery.  So MUCH cheaper than Christmas cards.

You can get New Year’s cards at this time of year at many, many places in Japan.  We go to a shop and get like a hundred done at one time, with a photo of my husband’s choosing.  They’re personalized with our address and so forth.  Many people also make them on their computers nowadays and print them at home.

These New Year cards are pretty much obligatory in Japan, UNLESS there has been a death in one’s family during the course of the year, in which case they are not sent out.  (A notice of the death is sent out though.)    I was confused on this point many years ago when my husband’ grandmother died….I couldn’t understand why we were not sending out the New Year cards.

The cards all arrive at one’s home on New Year’s day as a bundle.  It’s a special thing for the post office.   They love it, trust me.