The reason why studying Japanese takes me such a very long time is because each time I come across a new word, I stop and think about it.

For example, I just came across this word while studying:

だらだら daradara

Oooh, what a neat word.  dararadararaarararadra   rolls right off my tongue.

Okay, let’s look it up in my EX-word dictionary.

“Dara dara” means long and tedious. Oh, interesting.  Like that movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman “Far and Away.”

So you can use it to say: だらだら仕事をするwork lazily  会議がだらだら続くThe meeting drags on.  血がだらだら流れるBlood drips down.




Wait.  Blood drips down?  What?  I think I will have to take a twenty minute break to think about this word “Dara dara” and its rather frightening possibilities.



Break over…..move on to the next word.

Okay, here it is is.


Hmmm….what could it possibly mean….I recognize “asobi” which means to play.

Let’s look it up.

Shit, it’s not even in the EX-word dictionary. Stupid dictionary.

Let’s look it up on the Ipad.

Dammit, why did my son not charge the ipad….he left it with no charge at all….this really disrupts my studying…

(Goes to desktop computer.  Looks at Facebook for twenty minutes.)

Okay, um, what does “asobihoukeru” mean….

Hmmm…..  So I look it up on google…”asobihoukeru” means “Dote play.”

Um…What?  I think I need a better dictionary.

Okay, here’s another definition: “noodle around”

Ummmm…..okay.  I think I am getting closer but let’s try again.

This says  “to spend all of one’s time in idle amusement.”

I think I need about twenty minutes to cogitate on this word…..