The inside cover of this book says it is called in English “A Loaf of Bread–A Folktale from Lithuania.”

However, it is originally a Japanese book, by a Japanese author (Risako Uchida) and a Japanese illustrator (Seiichi Horiuchi.)

So even though it’s a Lithuanian story, it’s not a translated book–does that make sense?


The Japanese title is “Pan no Kakera to Chiisana Akuma.” (“The Loaf of Bread and the Little Devil.”)


Kakera=a part of



The illustration style is a sort of style I’ve seen often in Japanese picture books.  Not overly sweet, not overly cute, not overly pretty.  It’s not my favorite style (I’m a sweet-cute-pretty type of girl.)  But it’s interesting.


Basically, the story is that a little “devil” (some sort of Lithiuanian creature from folklore?) steals some bread from a woodcutter.  The other mythological creatures shame him for stealing from a poor woodcutter, so he makes it up to the woodcutter and enables him to get rich.

I tried to find this story in English on the internet, but alas, I could not.