There’s a writing contest that I am going to enter.  So I was trying to decide which manuscript to enter:  Number One or Number Two?  So I talked to my mom and she said, “Oh, the one about me!”  I said, “I’ve barely started that.”  (I started writing a manuscript about my mom’s childhood, but ran into plot problems….so it is on the back burner for now.)  So anyway, we discussed it and decided manuscript number one, since that’s the one I wrote first and is meant to be read first.

It’s so nice to talk to my mom about this kind of stuff!   She’s very sweet.  She’s not a writer at all, and not really too much of a reader.  (She does like mysteries–Mary Higgins Clark is her favorite.)  She never ever reads kidlit of any sort.  But still she is wonderful for bouncing ideas off of.

When I first wrote manuscript one, she and my dad were the first ones I showed it, too.  My dad actually had some quite good ideas.  (He doesn’t write, either.  He’s a numbers guy–an engineer.)   They were pretty honest, though, telling me what they didn’t like or didn’t understand.  My mom (actually my dad, too) doesn’t know the first thing about Japan, so it was good to get her viewpoint–if she doesn’t understand something, other people won’t either.

They are elderly now so I know my parents will pass away soon!  I am mentally preparing myself, but it will be sad.  😦  I feel fortunate they have held on as long as they have, and still have clear minds.

Anyhoo…I was looking at the contest rules again and realized that I could do both manuscripts, as long as I paid the fees (quite high fees) for each of them.  But I thought, “No, they would be competing against each other, and the losing manuscript would get depressed and possibly resent the other manuscript and then what kind of mommy-writer would I be???”

No, oldest goes first.  And if that one loses, then next year it’s younger sister’s turn.

I am pretty excited!  Keeping my fingers crossed………….