As you all know we had an earthquake at 6:01 on Tuesday morning.  It was quite long and rather strong, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the Big One on March 11, 2011.  Everything in Fukushima seems all right, I think, at this point?  I don’t know if there were any deaths (I am writing this early Wednesday morning.)

So basically what happened for us is that we (unlike a lot of people, who were still in bed) were all awake and up.   My husband was reading the newspaper as he does every morning, and I was on the sofa with my son doing our morning English lesson.  (We wake him early to do this.)

We could feel the vibrations coming, and so we knew an earthquake was about to strike.  We all looked around and said “Earthquake!” as we always do in this situation.  It got a little stronger (but not too terribly strong) and so I ran outside with my son.  I remember the 3/11 quake and how it got really strong at one point, so now I am fearful of that whenever there is a quake.

But then it died down.  So my husband turns on the TV to check the news and I get on FB to let people know I am all right.  Plus I go back to the morning English lesson with son, which he could not concentrate on because he was watching the news.

There was a tsunami warning in effect, but Fukushima City is very, very far from the coast.  (It’s inland.)  So for me personally, the tsunami didn’t affect me.  However, I worried about the nuclear power plant.  It stopped cooling for about an hour, but then was okay and no problems (according to the news.)

The quake was located off the coast of Fukushima.  I think the March 11, 2011 quake was a little further north, off the coast of Miyagi (the prefecture to the north of us.)  Scary scary!

Here are some photos from my TV, the morning news:


Telling about the tsunami….

(The red part is the Fukushima coastline.  God hates us.)


Discussing the nuclear power plant…


Report about the nuclear power plant…..


And then last night about eleven in the evening, there was another (much smaller) earthquake.    Not happy!  Perhaps more are to come…. (Perhaps even a bigger one???!!!???!!!)