Today is a holiday in Japan, National Thanksgiving Day. It’s not like American Thanksgiving Day, but it is nice it falls so close to that day.  🙂  I would like to watch Fantastic Beasts today with husband and son.  Not sure if we will.  It depends on husband’s schedule.  (He words in a laboratory and frequently goes in on his days off!  😦  But he wants to watch it, too, so we’ll see….

Leaving you here with some photos of drying persimmons.  You will see these in the countryside, but I don’t really see them here in dowtown Fukushima City.  However, I was riding my bike and found these, despite it being in the downtown area.  The persimmons are left hanging for several weeks and result in a lovely snack during winter.   A very traditional food.




Update:  We had large earthquake yesterday in the Fukushima region.  My family is safe.  I will try to make a post about it for tomorrow!