Today’s book is “The Little Red Hen” by Paul Galdon.

In Japanese, it is called “Otonashii Mendori.”  (The Gentle Hen)

Otonashi=Quiet, gentle, well-behaved.




I found this book so wonderful to read because it was so very, very easy for me.  I read various versions of the story when I was a kid, and I read various versions of the story to my son when he was little.  So of course I know the story extremely well.  (What American doesn’t?)

My mind could just relax while reading this book, knowing there were no twists and turns, just a gentle ride with our friend the hen.

I think it’s important for kids to get these kinds of books, these repetitive (almost boring) fairy tales, so they can just zone out.

Changing the subject, one thing you might be noticing in these book battles is that Japanese kids are read Japanese fairy tales, and also foreign fairy tales.  (Especially western ones.)  I don’t think Americans kids are as well-rounded in this regard. They don’t know foreign countries fairy tales that well–at least the authentic ones.  (I am not talking about stories made up by western writers.)

Tuttle Publishing Company, I know, has GREAT foreign tales that are authentic.  This sounds like an advertisement, but it’s not.  Just my honest opinion.

This book is at our library here  in Fukushima in English.   I love it.  It’s very traditional, not westernized. Here are traditional stories from China.  From India.  And so on.

I am REALLY getting far off the subject, but Tuttle is a great publishing company for materials in English regarding Asia because its expertise is Asia.