I was looking for calendars for 2017 and found this one:


It’s a kotowaza calendar.  (Kotowaza means “saying”  “proverb.”  Like, A bird is in the hand is worth two in the bush.)


They have several kotowaza calendars available, but I liked this one because the Japanese was often translated to English.  (Not all the pages had English translations, but many did.)


I ended up buying this one, though, because I always get this kind of calendar.  It’s got animals with funny sayings.  I got dogs this year.


A sample page.  My son and I enjoy looking at this calendar together.

Heck, I got that first calendar, too.  (The kotowaza calendar.)  Maybe it will be fun.

My son wanted a Nintendo calendar, so I ordered an American “The Legend of Zelda” calendar from Amazon.co.jp  He is pleased with that.