I went to the city library.  I always look at their Japan Times while I am there, but I guess I didn’t read long enough (I just did the hard news) because I missed this article. It’s going around now on Facebook.  I really should subscribe to the online version, though, because each month I am only allowed to read three articles online!

Japanese translators forced to grab the Trump bull by the horns

The most interesting point for me was how “pussy” was translated.  The Nikkei used the words “shieki” which, I guess, is a word for female genitalia.  The Japanese Wall Street Journal used the word “asoko,” which means merely “down there.”  The Agence France Presse (a newspaper I have never heard of) said “pushi” (pussy) and explained what it meant to Japanese readers.

In Japanese class, I was told that ninety percent of Japanese people don’t like Trump.  The one person who has told me he likes Trump said he does because it will make Japan stronger.  (Trump does not support helping Japan with defending itself as America currently does.  Japan has what is called a “self defense” force.   Far right militant Japanese would very much like to see a stronger military in Japan and less reliance on the U.S.)