My mom loves House Hunters, both “Homegrown” and “International.”  She was telling me all about an episode of House Hunters International where a Christian couple comes to Japan from America to live and work for their church.  I couldn’t find it on youtube, but found this one, a single guy with a Japanese girlfriend.


Don’t tell my mom, but I have watched House Hunters International and personally I find the people on that show to be so picky and annoying and picky and annoying.  I want to tell them:  You’re not in America, okay?  Stop it with the “Oh, the bathroom is too small.”

You’re probably like, “WeSpeakJapaneseandEnglish, you think everything is annoying!  Is there anything you like??!!??”

I like butterflies and puppies and rainbows and and finishing an excellent book (but knowing there are more by the same author.)