Today’s book is “Nashi Tori Kyoudai”

Nashi=Asian Pears

Tori=To pick

Kyoudai=brothers (siblings)

So I translated this as “The Brothers who Picked Pears.”



A sick mother sends her sons out to fetch pears for her.  One by one, they meet an old woman-demon.  The first two brothers are swallowed by a sea monster (which sort of reminded me of “Jonah and the Whale.”)  Finally the third brother saves his brothers and they bring pears home to their mother.

As always with these folk tales, this had a lot of dialect.  Lots of words that I won’t need in real life or on tests, like “gyoutan” (gourd).  This isn’t one of the more famous folk tales–I had trouble finding it in English on the internet, but here it is: