All I did on Halloween to celebrate the day was to take darling son to a pricey pie shop.  No trick or treating!  No parties!  I had considered going to Sendai City for Halloweeniness but was too tired.  And it was fine.  I have been to Sendai City twice recently.  It’s a little far for me, so I didn’t really need to go again.


This is the pricey pie shop, located on the first floor of the department store Nakago.  I like this shop, except that it is expensive.  Although I compared the prices to a Starbucks pie and it was the same (pretty much).  And this place has A LOT more choices.


So many kinds of pie……  Being American, I love pie.  Japan is big on cake but not as big on pie.  But I do like my pie.


I chose pumpkin pie. I love traditional American pumpkin pie.  Unfortunately…….this was not traditional American pumpkin pie!  So I wasn’t 100 percent satisfied.  It tasted like Japan.   Nothing wrong with that, just I have lived here twenty years so I know what Japan tastes like.