Actually what I am doing today is I am going through my manuscript carefully and checking for errors.  I’m checking carefully everywhere in it, of course, but especially the parts that I have revised recently.  I noticed while checking my last manuscript that I would think my manuscript was free of errors, when actually there were still some in there, in the parts I revised.  For example, subject verb agreement.  Little things like that.

Also, going to my Merriam Webster dictionary if I am not one hundred percent sure of something.  For example, is playground one word or two?  (It’s one word.)

In other news, last night I bought my sister some tea from (the American site) for my sister.  I was introduced to the Japanese tea company Lupicia by fellow blogger and real life friend Helen of Living La Vida Loca in Japan.

My sister is not the least bit girly and is extremely, extremely hard to shop for.  Basically she doesn’t want anything.  But she does drink tea and this is nice because it’s authentic Japanese tea.  It’s like I am sending her a gift from Japan without paying for the expensive shipping.  It’s also nice that the American site accepts my Japanese credit card.  (A lot of American sites don’t like cards that were issued in Japan!!!!  Boo hoo!!!!)

What else?  Just lying low.  Taking it easy.

Since I have have MIA the last few days, I will leave you with this interesting blog post written by an African American woman.  (I don’t know much about Jpop of JTV so I don’t usually “go” there on this blog.)

That’s it for now.  Cheers!