I wrote a post recently about the various coffee shops in the east side of the Fukushima train station.  I realized I forgot one.

There’s a coffee shop on the fifth floor of the shopping center (S-pal) which adjoins the train station.  I had never actually gone there before, so I decided to check it out!


It’s the first thing you see when you exit the elevator on the fifth floor.  It’s not a chain, I believe.


I think perhaps of all the train station coffee shops in the station, it is the one I recommend for tourists.  It’s got a view of Fukushima City to the south side.


I wouldn’t exactly say the view is lovely.  But it’s interesting, especially if you are just passing through Fukushima.


Nakago is the number one department store in Fukushima City.  I don’t think it’s considered hip anymore, but it’s got a long history in Fukushima City.   It’s mostly expensive though.  Rich lady shopping.

If you are a tourist, the place to go in Nakago is the Japanese items sections….souvenirs made in Fukushima, or in other parts of Japan.  It’s where I often go to buy presents for people in the United States, especially the nicer quality items.  I think it’s cheaper and better than the airport, especially since Nakago is geared to actual Japanese people who know a lot about the items.  (Although the airport is better for cheap kitschy items.)