I wrote a post recently in which I made a mistake.  I saw the kanji for Toyama and thought it was Mt. Fuji.  This is the post.


I realized my mistake the other day when I was studying the prefectures in Japanese.   I saw Toyama and thought “Oh, how HORRIBLE!  I made a MISTAKE on my BLOG!!!!”

This of course bothered me and kept me awake at nights.

Actually, however, I think my mistake was quite understandable.

富山 is “Toyama”

富士 is “Fuji”

You can see the first kanji is the same.

The second is different.  I made my mistake when I saw “mountain” 山 and I wrongfully deduced that that it was Mt. Fuji.

Tricky, Tricky.


Dammit, Japanese Language.  You win this time.  But we’ll meet again…