Do you know what Babaloa is?  I know, it sounds like a character from the TV show “Laverne and Shirley.”

Many, many, many years ago, my boss brought me a pudding and told me it was “Babaloa.”  I didn’t know what babaloa was and she was surprised. She thought it was an English word.    The pudding was delicious.   It was a little firmer than American pudding.

So anyway, my husband went on a business trip to Tokyo and brought back this Halloween dessert.  It has Babaloa pudding on the bottom and some sort of jello on the top.   Inside the jello are apples pieces and pumpkin and edible flowers.




So when he told me that it was Babaloa, I got very curious and walked all the way to the library and looked it up in the encyclopedia.  Just joking!  I googled it.  Yeah, I’m lazy like that.



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It is Bavarian Cream!!!!!!