Today’s book is called “Hekkoki Anesa Ga Yome Ni Kite.”

In English, “The Farting Bride.”

It was very difficult for me to read because it was written in dialect.


A bride comes to live with a man and his mother.  She farts big powerful blasts and sets ships asail and blows persimmons off trees.  How useful!

This is a folktale.  I can just imagine in days past, the family telling this folktale, totally embarrassing the wife of the house.   Of course, it’s the wife who farts in this story…not the man or the mother.    It gives you a hint as to how young brides were treated in their new homes.

Other stories about brides are plentiful.  There is the yokai (demon) who is a bride but actually a monster with a mouth in her hair who secretly eats food.

There are proverbs, such as “Don’t let a bride eat eggplants in autumn.”


This is a version of the farting bride:

I suppose in the west we have all the evil stepmother stories.  So in Japan they have the totally annoying bride stories.   Not so nice, is it!!!!  One feels sorry for all the young women who left their homes to live with their new husband (usually through an arranged marriage) and his parents.   Her main duties were to make babies and work hard for the benefit of her new family.    And then she had to listen to stories like these!!!!!   😦