I know…. I know…. I’m a little late!

I’ve been late with every single one of these Harry Potter books.  Maybe part of me was postponing this last book because I didn’t want it all to end????  However, I decided it was finally time to see what happens……

It’s nothing short of amazing what J.K.Rowling has done.  Harry Potter is ultra-famous here in Japan.  Every kid (even those who have not read the books) know who Harry Potter is, or are at least familiar with the name.   In library volunteer last week, we were talking about “Frankenstein,” and I said “Oh, that was written by a British woman.”  And the other mom/book nut/volunteer said, “England has a lot of famous female writers….like J.K.Rowling.”  I think nowadays Rowling is the one that Japanese people think of when they think of a famous foreign writer.

And I really admire Joanne Rowling because our paths were slightly the same.  She taught English as a foreign language in Portugal and got married.  Her marriaged ended–mine did not.  So our paths completed diverged at that point.  It’s amazing that she was able to get back up on her feet, and in what a wonderful way.  She’s a true inspiration to women and writers everywhere.

Here is her website:

Here is the site for Pottermore

Here is scholastic’s Harry Potter info for kids

Universal Studios’ Harry Potter

Harry Potter fan site

writing tips (I am not sure if they are from Rowling herself, or somebody else, but they seem like good tips)

Interview with Rowling  I like this interview.  It’s actually questions from kids…so that may explain why it is so good!

She says that the first story she finished was when she was six.  I was exactly the same way….I would just write for fun when I was four, five, six.  I didn’t go to preschool, and only a half day kindergarten, and of course this was the days before TV was a babysitter…so my mom found me quite tiring and would set me down with paper and crayons while she went and “rested.”  Except I wasn’t as brilliant as Rowling and all my stories would finish with “And then they died.  The end.”  I could never figure out how to properly end my stories.