I’m pretty busy and fallen behind on my blogging.  I like to write the post ahead of time and later revise it and check for any errors.  Usually I have had a few posts saved, which meant I always had a new one for every day of the week.  But like I have said, I’ve fallen behind…

I’ll leave you with the very first post I ever wrote.  It’s not on this blog, it’s on a now defunct blog.

December 11, 2008

My son’s hangout is a nerdy trading card shop. It is about a two minute walk from our home and it is a little hole in the wall. The owner is very young and handsome–one of the few good-looking nerds in this world. Pretty much the main business of this shop is selling trading cards. Is there really such a market for them? I have no idea how it makes a profit, or even if it makes a profit. I’m thinking it may just be a hobby for the owner.
In addition to my five year old nerdlet, several teenage nerds hang out there, playing card games with each other or playing with the shop’s Wii. One play on the shop’s Wii is an astoundingly cheap 20 yen. (Regardless of the exchange rate, I tend to think of 100 yen as similar to an American dollar. A play at a regular video game at an arcarde costs at least 100 yen, so that gives you an idea how cheap 20 yen is for a game.)
I give my son 100 yen and let him play on the shop’s Wii five times, which is just the right length of time. Long enough to make him extremely happy, but not so long that it turns him into a hunched-over glazed-eyed zombie.
My husband suggested buying a Wii for Christmas. (He only wants it because of Wii Fit.) However, I told him we didn’t need it. It is so much fun to get out into the open air and walk to this little shop and hang out. The young and handsome owner is very nice to my son, telling him things about the video game, which is this computerized day and age is akin to teaching him how to be a man!

LOL…..If I had only known that son would become the computer and vide game maniac that he now is!!!!

That shop is no longer there.  It didn’t make any money, I’m sure.  I wish it was still there.  It was a neat place.  It wasn’t really my son’s hangout, I was kind of exaggerating!!!!!!  LOL  He was only six years old.  I was working at that time doing my own English class in a computer center, and he had to go with me (being only six years old.)  As a treat for being well-behaved, I would take him to this shop on the way home.