Today’s book is a traditional Japanese fairy tale, although I must admit it was one that I was unfamiliar with.  It’s called “Urikohime”


Hime= a word for princess


I thought the illustrations in this book were lovely.  The story itself was difficult for me.  There were lots of words I couldn’t find in my dictionary.  I think they were often dialect words.  For example, the demon is the story is really know as Amanojaku, but in this story it was written Amanjaku.  Even when I asked my husband, he said, “No, that’s not correct.”  So basically…this was hard for me to read….


If you want to read a version of this fairy tale in English, click here.

If you are familiar with the most famous Japanese fairy tale “Momotaro,” you will know these old stories love gifting elderly couples with babies.   And like Momotaro, the baby pops out of food (peach, gourd.)  Hmmm…  I imagine living way back then, eating peaches and melons, letting one’s imagination run wild and….these stories coming about.