I have been busy working on my manuscript and (and life in general, of course) so my creative energy has been flowing in a different direction than this blog.

It’s not the same manuscript as before.  It’s completely new.  I am excited about it.  Completely unbiased opinions (my mom and dad 🙂 ) have said they like this manuscript better than the other one.  Although my dad said it needs to start off with a gun fight.  Okay, dad!  Got it!  lol

My husband said he was going to take us to Sendai City for a “surprise.”  What could it be? WHAT COULD IT BE?


It was an owl cafe!  Okay, let me explain. First, cat cafes were in the news here in Japan, and then came owl cafes.  I have been on the fence about visiting an owl cafe….it didn’t seem very kind to have this sort of establishment for a wild animal.  However, I never told this to darling husband, so he didn’t know my feelings.   And this once we were there, I didn’t want to say, “Honey…..I don’t think owl cafes are a good idea!”  So I just simply went and enjoyed myself.


Photos were allowed, without flash.  It was one thousand yen per hour per adult.  Our son (a jhs student) was seven hundred yen per hour.


My thoughts after visiting this owl cafe?  It was very clean and well-run.  The young woman working there OBVIOUSLY loved animals.  You could just feel her love for them.  So in reality, I don’t think this is all that different from a zoo.

Still I don’t one hundred percent love it.  Owls are nocturnal, and they don’t have any room here to move around.  Nevertheless…. really not much different than a typical zoo.  (Or the way lots of animals are treated world-wide.)


We were told this is the same type of owl as the Harry Potter owl from the movies.


Something I found interesting….All the breeds of owls had completely different faces and appearances.  I had always sort of thought all owls were the same (or similar) but they were all very different.  Fascinating!


We were allowed to touch the owls on the tops of their head and backs.  Not other parts of the body.


There were other small animals, similar to a petting zoo.  These are porcupines, and we were able to hold them.  They are so sweet!  I never realized that porcupines are so adorable.


A very loving and friendly rabbit.  I think always I have been at petting zoos overrun with kids and the animals hate human contact.  But the birds and rabbit here at this owl cafe loved human contact!  It made me realize why people keep these animals as pets.  I never realized they were so affectionate.


A chameleon