While at the train station a couple weeks ago, I saw a poster advertising an upcoming “ekiben” festival.  I was pretty excited and wanted to join in!


Here’s the festival.  Lots of “ekiben” from different parts of Japan.

Eki=Train station

Ben=short for “bento” which is a prepared lunch, very common in Japan.  I don’t think all Americans know what bento are, but I think a few do–especially the foodie type people.   They are becoming embraced outside of Japan I think largely because they tend to be healthier than the traditional American sack lunch of a sandwich, banana and cookie.


Of course, these are very fancy bentos.  Ekiben tend to be expensive and gourmet.  They are for special occasions.


The one on the far left is from the Mount Fuji train station.  Lots of distant stations represented.


These are for kids.


Really cute.


I didn’t get one for my son because he was at home ill that day with quite a bad cold.


He loved trains though when he was a toddler and if he were three years old, I may have perhaps bought this!


You can see that the food is really elegant.


Crab.  One of the more expensive ekibens for sale that day.


This is the one I ended up getting…an ekiben based on a popular manga.  Perhaps from the train station near where the manga’s creator grew up?  I know his area is really touristy with statues and so on related to this manga.


Bon appetit!


I didn’t realize it when I purchased it, but I got this keepsake ceramic bowl.  Awesome!