As you all know, my husband is a foodie.   So today I will introduce you to his favorite rament restaurant in our city.  He says it is considered one of the top five ramen shops in all of Fukushima Prefecture.


It was located downtown, then moved to the university area, and now is back downtown.  (East side….of course!  😉

My husband says they make the noodles fresh daily.


It’s on this lovely street called Bunkadori.  It’s a lovely little street, about ten minutes on foot from the station.  Being Fukushima City, it’s never very crowded.


More of Bundadori Street….


At the top on the left, it says, Gakusei Oomori Muryou.

That means, “Students get an extra helping free.”


Oomori–Large Serving.  My husband always orders “Oomori.”  I always get the regular size,  which is “Futsu.”  Oomori is a very useful word if you eat a lot.



The ramen…absolutely delish!