Every morning my son does morning English with mommy, and at the end we do one sticker from a sticker book.  It sounds really babyish–after all, he is thirteen years old!   But the stickers are from educational stickers books, usually Usborne.  I think he likes it, and it gives closure to our lesson.

Let’s see….we’ve done a Famous Artists Sticker book that was great.   Then a Latin sticker book that was less great.  (It turned out a lot of the words in the book did not have any English derivatives, which was why I had chosen it.  Not to learn Latin, but to learn English words related to Latin.)

Now we are back to great again.  We are doing a sticker book with landmarks and famous places around the world.


So you can see the sticker book there in the middle.  On the right are stickers.  Famous places like Mt. Fuji and the Great Wall of China and places I had never heard of like Borobudur Temple in Indonesia–the world’s largest Buddhist temple.


The book is divided into continents, and my son chose to start with Asia first.  Every day I look at the next day’s landmark and learn a bit about it on the internet and print off one photo to show my son.  Then the next day, I tell him major points of what I learn and we look at the photos.   And of course search for the sticker and put it on the map.

If you only do the sticker without the internet research, of course it will still be educational…but let’s face it.  Actual photos are much better than the little stickers.   It’s really neat to see a photo of a painted elephant (shown in the above picture) in India or the Terracotta Warriors (also above) in China.