This semester, I am to go to each class (one class each–it is a small school due to low population growth in Japan) and read a book in English for my volunteering.

So I chose “The Wind Blew” by British author and illustrator Pat Hutchins.  I thought the book looked like it takes place perhaps in autumn.


So here is the English version, and then the Japanese version which is from the library and will be read while I am reading the English book.  Three of the eight flashcards.  This books has many basic nouns.  I thought it was good because the students could easily hear and learn those nouns.


The English version rhymes (sort of.)  However, I think something is lost in the Japanese version because there is no rhyming.  That just can’t be helped, of course.


I bought this book about two years ago when I saw it marked down in a bookstore in Tokyo.  At that point, my son was already way too old for it, of course.  However…….living in Japan I have to make do a lot, and so I most definitely read this book to him.  There’s a lot that he can gain from this baby book.  First of all, the illustrations are wonderful.

Second we can discuss things in the book that he may not know.  What is that flag, for instance?  He said it resembled the Netherlands’ flag, but it is actually an imaginary flag.  Since the scene looks British, I wonder why the illustrator chose not to draw the Union Jack?  I find this interesting.

Also, as you may know, judges in America don’t wear wigs….but British judges do!  The wig flies off the judge so he learned about this custom in England.

When I get a new book, even the babyish of books, I’ll discuss it with him and read it with him.  I would never, ever do that if we lived in the United States, but like I said, I am limited in my book supply without an American library.  So I don’t waste any of the books I do have.