As you know, I love books.  I love libraries and I love bookstores.   Here in Japan, when I roam a library or a bookstore, that means just sort of looking over the books meant for Japanese people.  However, I don’t really read Japanese books.  I study a lot…but read an actual book?  No time, sorry!  Too much work, double sorry!

But like I said, nevertheless, I sort of like to see what’s out there, in general, even if I am not ever going to buy it.

Today’s books were in a totally regular bookstore in a totally regular small city.  Let’s look….


I was like–“Boys love????”  What could that mean, possibly?


Yes, manga with boys loving boys.  I was suprised, but I guess that gives a clue how Japanese people feel towards homosexuality.  Actually, it doesn’t tell much, but it does give a clue!

I didn’t read the books, didn’t even skim through them.  Just thought it was very interesting!  I am not sure if these are geared towards gay men or anyone in general.

This is not even a Barnes and Noble type store.  More like a small Walden books at the mall.  Very regular bookstore (not an adult bookstore at all.)

One won’t find these books at the library, though.  (Judging by our own library here in town.)  Our library does not do manga.  One may possibly find a book for kids concerning LGBT issues in the health and non-fiction section.  A sort of learning about yourself book.  I am not really sure, though.  (I have not looked.)