In Japan, everybody loves the 100 yen shops (Japanese versions of the dollar store.)  I don’t remember them back in 1995…I don’t know if they didn’t exist yet, or if I was just new to Japan and didn’t know about them.

America has its own dollar stores, of course.


We went to this dollar store during our time in America.  It’s not as good as a Japanese one, I don’t think, but still pretty good.


Looking around……..


I stopped at this candy area.  By golly, these are all candies that I remember from my youth.  When I was a kid, we would walk to a convenience store and buy a package of candy for about 30 cents.  Then the price went up to 35 cents.  Now it’s a dollar.  Getting higher all the time.


I remember this gum!!!!!!


I remember this fish!!!!!


I actually don’t remember this candy, but my cousin loves it.


Movie candy!!!!!!!


Okay, the thing about this candy is that it’s all really low quality…..


Especially this!!!!!! I remember Necco Wafers from when I was a kid…Yes, I ate them and I remember liking them.  So I bought some and brought them back for my English students.  They were SO BAD.  I really wish I hadn’t bought them.  They are just so bad.  It’s embarrassing…”Hey, Kids, here is some American candy!!! Isn’t it horrible!!!”


Smarties are actually pretty good.  They have the same thing in Japan, called Ramune.


Sugar Babies…kind of gross!  I liked them when I was a kid thogh.


Remember Fiddle Faddle?


My haul…..  I thought the calendars were such a good deal.  They’re American, and so if I buy a calendar at the Japanese dollar store, it will only show Japanese holidays.  So this is a good deal for me.