Leaving Kansas…….This is what a lot of the state looks like.  Very flat, of course.  I think this is considered “boring”, but after living in Japan I find it beautiful.  Japan has mountains or hills….or buildings and more buildings.   I think Hokkaido is supposed to be more more open, but in general Japan has a very closed in feeling about it.

I have always felt Kansas is a good place to go for a Japanese foreign exchange student if he or she wants to get to know America.   But it’s a hard place for a foreign exchange student to live.  It’s not the most international or multicultural of places.  But it’s a lot easier nowadays anyway with the internet, so that one can get one’s fix in one’s native language.

I think it was hard for my husband (then boyfriend) to live in Kansas, but he also really enjoyed it a lot and has great memories.


See that very tall water slide?

Well…..That is a water park.  And a few days before this photo was taken, a boy died on that very slide!  It was tragic.  It turned out that he was too light for the slide, and well, water parks being what they are…..Nobody stopped him from getting on the slide.

I personally am not crazy about the slides at water parks.   I find them rather dangerous.


We took Southwest Airlines back to Texas.  It’s a budget airline.  (But still expensive!)

The flight back was hideous.  I was stopped and frisked going through security.  I was told the sequins on my blouse were the reason why.

Then our flight was cancelled due to thunderstorms, so we had to depart on a later flight and drove home late at night—through torrential rain!


I can’t say I liked Southwest Airlines at all.  There is no reserved seating…you sit anywhere you like.  Well, what happened is that all the people travelling alone would take a seat to themselves, leaving the seat next to them free.  So when we got on, all the seats were just one seat alone!  Not such a good deal, especially if you are travelling with children.

But we made it safely back to Texas, and all in all it was a fun trip.