So anyway, we were in Lawrence, Kansas for a couple of days.  That’s the college town of the University of Kansas.


Lawrence is the sister city of Hiratsuka, Japan.


That’s why this Japanese style garden was created.


Very small, a little unkempt, but considering this is Kansas, kind of cool.


Downtown Lawrence was just so sleepy and quiet.  Just like I remember it.


Not a lot here, but kind of cute.


I am simply amazed that this video store is still in business. Amazed.  Wow, it must have great management.

I used it a lot when I was in school because it carried a lot of non-run of the mill movies.  (Foreign, independent, classics, etc.)  Not a Blockbuster type place at all.   Interesting story:  My husband and I were dating, so I rented a Japanese movie from this store.  My husband was negative about watching it, and then when we watched it… was NOT my style at all!   Just very, very weird and violent.  I think a live bug got stabbed with a pen or something and killed????  I think it was called Iron Man “Tetsu Something”


This coffee shop was around when I was in school, too, and exactly the same!!!!!!


Book t-shirts.  So cute.  Me want.



Such memories!!!!  So strange to be back, but no longer young and carefree.  My husband kept pointing out the Asian restaurants which have sprung up in abundance.  (I guess “Asia” is pretty cool now in the U.S.)  When he was here in the nineties, he had to drive to Kansas City for a Japanese restaurant.  They didn’t even have sushi back then at all in places like Lawrence, or in grocery stores.  My first sushi was actually on a trip to California in 1993 and I wanted to try it because I had never ever seen it or eaten it, just heard of it.