So guess where this is!!!!

It’s Kansas!  My husband wanted to see the university where he worked for two years…and where I attended school….and where we met.

So romantic!

My husband chose the hotel, and I booked it.  He chose it because he remembered it was next door to a grocery store.  However, when we got there, we discovered it was the wrong hotel. The one he was thinking of had changed its name.  (However, I didn’t make a mistake.  This motel in the photo is the same chain he told me to book.  So it is not my fault, honey!!!)


My niece was so sweet and drove us around.  So she’s tired in this photo!  The traffic around Kansas City is SO MUCH LIGHTER than in the Dallas area.  The difference is crazy.

My niece went out that evening alone and saw a movie from New Zealand.  She said it was the best movie she had seen all year!!!!  Hunt for the Wilderpeople  (She had heard good things about it and saw it was playing at the local theater–that’s why she went.)

Now I would really like to see it, so I hope it will come to the Forum.  I’ll be on the lookout for it.


As you probably know, Japan has fabulous vending machines, and they are simply everwhere.

I usually never notice a lack of vending machines in the U.S.  Everything is by car, and we can just drop in a fast food place and get a drink.  However, on the mini-vacation in Kansas, I really noticed the lack of vending machines!!!!!!!  We were going by foot a lot, it was hot…and hardly any vending machines.

Our sucky motel did not have a drink machine at all.  (This photo shows the motel’s vending machines.)  My husband and son walked to a nearby grocery store and bought waters there.   They were so genki!!!!!!  (genki=active)  My niece and I were snoozing all afternoon.