Today is Atumnal Equinox Day.  It’s a national holiday, so no school today.

Over the weekend, we saw two movies at the movie theater: “Ghostbusters” and “The BFG.”  They were both a lot of fun.

There are two movie theaters near us:  Aeon Cinema and Forum.

Aeon Cinema’s website (even though it is in Japanese) is easier to navigate if you don’t know Japanese.

Forum’s website is pretty difficult, I think, if you don’t know how to read Japanese.  However, Forum has more movies in their original languages, and more international movies, so it is a better movie house for us foreigners in Fukushima City.

This is the movie line up for Forum.  (It changes regularly, so I have no idea what movies are on there currently.)

As I write this, it says for the movie, “The BFG:”

BFG ビッグ・フレンドリー・ジャイアント

This movie is in English with Japanese subtitles.  How do I know?  It says that it is subtitled, and I know that The BFG was originally in English.  (If it’s a French movie, it of course will be in French.)

字幕 jimaku=subtitles  (This kanji is what you want to look for on Forum’s site.)

You can remember this because 字 ji means “letter.”

Next let’s look at a dubbed movie, “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

ミュータント・ニンジャ・タートルズ 影(シャドウズ)

吹替 means “dubbed.”

This is the shortened form of the word  吹き替えfukikae=dubbed

So basically this is what you want to avoid if you want to hear a non-Japanese movie in its original language.    I always remember this kanji by looking at the 口in the first part of the first kanji.  (口kuchi means “mouth” so you can imagine a mouth speaking in Japanese.)

There you go!  All ready to go to the movies.   Have a great fall!