Approximately two weeks before I left for America, four Dallas police officers were shot and killed by a man in Dallas.   I don’t know the whole deal, but it was during a Black Lives Matter protest.  (You probably remember this if you keep up with American news.)  So my husband was a little, “Is everything okay???? In Texas?????”

My parents live in a conservative neighborhood.   So you’ll see that reflected in the following photos.  This is not a “WeSpeakJapaneseandEnglish” opinion piece.  Just reporting what I see.


Bumper Sticker  LOL

Japanese people do not do bumper stickers.


I am 99% sure this “Back the Blue” sticker is in response the slayings of the police officers in the previous month.  So you can understand where this sentiment is coming from.  I even saw a “Back the Blue” sign at a taco fast food restaurant.

(For non-Americans:  Blue refers to the police.)


An American flag.  My husband came to visit America this time and he said, “Is today a national holiday in America?  Why do so many people have American flags out?”  That’s just life in America.


A Trump sign.  This is a Trump neighborhood.  I am sure there are Clinton supporters, but mostly very Republican.


Cat power


And my opinion is:  Americans are just so opinionated.  But in real American life, people are just so kind.  Nobody’s snarling at other people.  The majority of Americans are very helpful and considerate.