There’s Costco and there’s Sam’s Club.  Both are enormous stores that require memberships for the privilege of shopping there.  Costco is the store for the cool people.  (And Costco, by the way, exists in Japan.)  Sam’s Club is more for the rednecks.   My parents have memberships to both Costco and Sam’s Club, but I think they shop at Sam’s Club more.


Stepping inside Sam’s Club…, so cavernous.  Echo…echo…echo..echoooooo…..


Sushi at Sam’s Club.  America has come so very far.  Even rednecks eat sushi.


Fruits and veggies


Book section…I always like to look at this section.

My brother used to buy and read Mad Magazine.  I read it, too.   Funny and raunchy, kidstyle.

For a peek at Mad humor:

Here LOL

Here  I doubt he goes to Supercuts.   Too pricey.   His wife probably cuts it.  Which is fine because it will still look better than Kim Jong Un’s haircut.


CANDY CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The mega size!!!!!!!!!!

Tastes awful, but Halloween isn’t Halloween without it.