Fort Worth is just west of Dallas.  The two cities and their suburbs merge to form one huge sprawling mega city.


This is the Dallas skyline.   We don’t go into Dallas often.   I think it’s kind of “more” than Fort Worth, more rich more poor more this more that.


I thought this was fitting to share with you after yesterday’s post.  In Texas, I guess they recently passed a law that open carry of a firearm is legal if one has a license to be able to do so.  So I kept seeing this notice in the above photo.  You can’t enter the building openly carrying a firearm.

One of the big big BIG questions I get in Japan is “Does your family (meaning my American family) have a gun?”

I always play dumb, and go “No, of course not, I have never even seen a gun in my life”.  (Which is actually pretty much true, sort of, basically.)*

But does my my mom have a gun?  Hell no.  She has a curling iron.  She’ll defend herself with that.

But does my DAD have a gun?  Uh, hell yes… He does.  Several I think.  They are put away, I never see them.  My dad grew up hunting and he still occasionally hunts.  He had a bow and arrow until he hurt his arm snapping it…and so yeah when the zombies get here he’ll kick ass.  (Reference to “The Walking Dead” for people who don’t know.)

Do I like guns?  No.  I don’t.  But I am not going to get into that here.  Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.


*When I was in Paris walking down the street, somebody was waving a gun around.  Everyobdy scattered from that person.  It wasn’t scary for me because I didn’t realize what was happening until later….but that is my only experience with DANGEROUS FOREIGN LIFE WITH A GUN.  Nothing even remotely similar has happened in America, or anywhere else, to me.