In August, Texas has a weekend called “Tax Free Weekend.”  No taxes for clothes and backpacks.  So my cousin and I headed to this sporting goods store because he wanted to get some running wear.  I got my son some Nike shorts, but was really torn between boy’s sizes and men’s sizes.  He is too skinny for the smallest men’s size!  But kind of tall for the biggest boys’  size.


Okay….I took photos in this area.  Some of these are BB guns, some real guns in these photos.  But I am not a gun expert, so you’ll have to figure that stuff out for yourself.  I guess for Japanese people it is truly amazing that guns are sold in a sporting goods store.  So easy to purchase.


These are definitely the BB guns.  You can see the BB’s.  I know even Japan has BB guns….When we first moved here, I kept finding those dang BB’s outside ALL OVER THE PLACE.




Dallas Cowboys


Texas Rangers


I know I have written about guns before.  Japan and America have (surprise, surprise) completely different cultures and histories.  Japanese people–swords.  Americans–guns.  So I think Japanese people don’t feel any pain at all in living in a (virtually) gun-free society.  Whereas Americans can’t imagine life without guns, and it’s even written into our Constitution that we have a right to them.

New article:

This explains a bit about what gun owners in Japan (actually, rifle owners) must go through to acquire a firearm.

I know guns do exist here illegally.  Most recently a man shot four people and then himself with a pistol.  I presume the pistol obtained illegally.  (How else???)  Every place in the world has crime, yes, even Vatican City and Mecca and Japan.  Probably even Antarctica.