My mother is originally from the city of Fort Worth in Texas.  I have many fond memories of visiting her parents’ house in Fort Worth.  Her family home is very close the Stockyards in Fort Worth.

It’s an historic district where livestock trading used to take place.  My mom said she she used to walk down there with her sisters and brother.  Long ago, we had a French foreign exchange student and we took her there and really spent the day there….but I hadn’t been back since then, and these photos are of us driving through.  I wonder why we do the really “American” stuff only when a foreigner comes to town?  We should be doing it all the time!  Living in Japan, I can see America’s uniqueness in a way that Americans who have never left can’t really see.  America’s a fascinating country.  Come vist, y’all. (But just not in the summer….Texas is too hot in the summer!!!!!)





This is a part of a Quincienera festivity.  Not being Hispanic, I am not really familiar with Quincieneras.  In Hispanic families, it is a celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday and involves a large party.

I asked my Hispanic relatives if they would do Quincienera’s for their daughter.  They said, No, it’s too expensive.

Texas has MANY Hispanic people, by the way.   Not all are immigrants and not all are in the U.S. illegally, like the news media might have one believe.  My cousin’s wife’s family is Hispanic and has been living in Texas forever….like before white people got there, I presume.  So it’s wrong to jump to the conclusion, “Oh, Hispanics are immigrants.”



Longhorn….years ago, our French foreign exchange student was fascinated by the Longhorns!


Tourist Stagecoach