We ate lunch at my mom’s favorite Chinese takeout place, a very casual restaurant in which I could hear a rather loud discussion in Chinese from the kitchen.  Don’t ask me what they said.  Hopefully, not, “You know this chicken is expired.  Oh, well, let’s serve it anyway.”


Lucky Cat…..

I wanted to talk a bit about “Lucky Cats” as they are known in the United States.  I think Americans think they are Chinese, due to seeing them frequently in Chinese restaurants.  However, they are not Chinese in origin.  They are Japanese.   And while, yes, Japan has adopted many things from China, lucky cats are not one of them.  Lucky Cats are originally Japanese.

So sometimes they are called Chinese Lucky Cats…….but remember folks!  They are Japanese!  Look here for information about their history.

I’ve written a blog post on this subject before.  It’s something I harp on about.