One of the first thing I did was relax in front of my mom’s TV.  My mom always wants to watch shows with a “Japanese” theme with me, so we watched this “King of the Hill” with my son.  Hank goes to Japan with his dad, where they meet the dad’s ex-girlfriend and Hank’s Japanese half-brother.  His brother from another mother.  A little cringey for me. But it’s funny.


My mom has Netflix, so I looked at it to see what it offered.  I watched a Belgian movie about a young woman who is in love with Japan and gets herself a Japanese boyfriend.  I think white girls/Japanese guys are a popular theme nowadays.  Not sure why…Maybe it’s because we’re cool.  Although this movie was so kind of depressing…all wah wah wah and no chemistry between the girl and the guy.  Each of them likes each other’s culture and then sets about acquiring significant other from that culture, which is a backwards way of doing it.

The thinking goes:  “Hmmm….I love sushi.  So therefore I  will have sex with a Japanese person.”

Moving on……I also attempted to watch the Netflix show from Japan, “Hibana”, but found it boring and gave up.  I was under the mistaken impression that my Netflix here in Japan does NOT offer English subtitles on ANY of its Japanese shows.  However, it does.  When I arrived back in Japan, I checked “Hibana” and there is an English subitle track.  I think all their Netflix-produced Japanese shows offer this, but the other regular Japanese shows on Netflix do not offer it. It’s something I like, definitely.


One thing I have been noticing through the internet……people overseas know way more about manga and anime than I do!!!!!!  How in the world are they acquiring this knowledge, I wondered?  When I left America in the nineties, Ghibli was just barely (and I mean, BARELY) on the scene.  Pokemon didn’t hit America until the late nineties.  But now it seems all of America has been Japanified.

Well, gosh.  Netflix has about a zillion anime TV shows, straight from Japan.  So weird.   I tried to watch the ultra-popular “Death Note” but stopped when I realized the reason I don’t read manga and watch anime is because I don’t really like them very much.


Next, regular TV.  I have heard so much about somebody named Kim Kardashian and have wondered, “What in the world is she famous for?  What did she DO?”  It turns out she has her own reality show.  I watched a bit of it for the first time in my life.  It turns out it’s really cheesy and boring.  So I wasn’t missing anything.

When I arrived back in Japan, I started watching the Japanese Netflix reality show “Terrace House.”   It was JUST to practice my Japanese, but somehow it sank its claws into me and pulled me in.   The Japanese is really very easy to understand (compared to other shows) and it really shows Japanese culture. Everybody is so polite!  And the Japanese guys are so clueless at love…..  It takes an American man from Hawaii to come in and show them how it’s done!  So in real life, are Japanese men clueless lovers?   In real life, do Japanese women jump and fix meals every time the men are hungry?   Do Japanese young people really hardly ever hold hands while dating? Something to think about.