We had a great trip back to the U.S.A. this past year, during the summer of 2016.  I will try to fill you all in on it.

Back in July, my son and I left Fukushima City by bullet train, then changed in Tokyo to a different train to go to Narita City.  (Narita City is the home of Tokyo’s international airport.)

The journey was quite long, so it was decided that we would stay in a hotel the night before we flew to the United States.  My husband chose APA hotel, which is located behind Narita’s Keisei train station.


Here is a photo of my bed.  In Japan, you almost always get a yukata (a robe) during your stay in a hotel.  (Not to keep, just to wear!)  It’s handy in case you don’t have pyjamas.


I took a photo of the hotel room’s bathroom.  One difference about Japanese hotel bathrooms is that I think they all have drains located on the floor, so if water splashes out it will go down the drain.  Very convenient.


The hotel toilet….because Japanese toilets are so famous!!!!!  When I sat down, it said, “Pleasure to serve you, m’lady.”  Just joking.  It doesn’t talk.  It was clean and it flushes, that’s all I ask.


And we’re off!  Look at the curve of the horizon………!

My husband arranged our tickets with JAL because he knows I like JAL.   However, the flight to America was codeshared with American airlines, so it was an American Airlines flight.  The way back to Japan was a Japan Airlines flight.  I could compare the two, and let me tell you, JAL is much nicer!!!!!  I think it has more leg room (slightly) which is so nice on a twelve hour flight.  And then other little perks….like better in-flight entertainment, better headphones (I usually try to bring our own headphones, but I forgot mine), better toilets.  It helped that our JAL airplane seemed to be brand-new…I know that does make a difference.


We waited about five minutes at Dallas’s international airport to get picked up.


While waiting, I wandered over to this shop.


We’re in Texas!  I know Texans have a reputation for being insufferable braggarts, and yes they are.  They are the biggest insufferable braggarts in the world.  Nobody does boasting better than Texans.


American airport prices are REALLY expensive.  If you travel in America, plan on that.  Everything is about two or three times the normal price.  (With the possible exception of duty free shopping.)


Follow me to America!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!!!