His photos are going around.  This is what I posted to my FB friends:

I don’t know if you (a collective you) have seen the photos of the forbidden zone which were taken by a Malaysian man. He broke into the Forbidden Zone, broke into businesses and homes and took the photos. I first heard about them yesterday when I was checking the Fukushima ALT board….they said don’t look at them, don’t circulate them. The reason is that he broke into people’s private property, went through their things (possibly looted) and took photos of the insides of their homes and businesses without their permission.

I would like to clear up some things. First, the Forbidden Zone is blocked off for safety’s sake. It is NOT a secret. As you know, I know the wives of two foreign scientists, and they go into the Forbidden Zone to do research. Plus I believe my neighbor ( a physicist) has been in there. There are legitimate photos available. So it’s not that the Forbidden Zone is being kept a secret. It’s exactly what you expect….A place people left in a hurry and is now deteriorating due to lack of care. Everything is exactly like how they left it.

On the board, somebody brought up the very good point that a foreigner can not just go into another country and take advantage of their catastrophe for his personal gain. It’s disrespectful. The man who took the photos is not Japanese (he is Malaysian.) Plus he is not doing it for research or to advance knowledge, just for kicks and thrills and to get famous quickly.

Most people who live in Fukushima are actually from Fukushima, and their families have been here for generations, and feel very protective of it. I think that’s the biggest sense when I talk to people. They feel sad and protective.

So think about if you had to leave your home in a hurry…left everything the way it is…and somebody came in and took photos of the inside of your home and your things and posted them on the internet.

There are photos available with permission. You don’t have to look at the Malaysian man’s photos to see what the forbidden zone looks like.  The following are NOT the Malaysian man’s photos.  The following were taken with permission:


The Malaysian man’s photos look very similar.

There’s A LOT of misinformation that goes around about Fukushima.  The Malaysian man spreads that misinformation (he doesn’t know much about the situation) and his commenters spread that misinformation (their comments are virtually always based on …..nothing.)

I personally always try to give the true representation of Fukushima, good and bad.  I am not being paid in any way for this blog, so I receive no compensation for expressing my thoughts.

As you can see from my blog, Fukushima is a place where people live and who are, for the most part, happy here.  The nuclear disaster was a horrible, horrible thing.  The forbidden zone is a sad, sad situation.  (Currently people are moving back into parts of it.)  Are you using electricity right now to read this?  I think you are.  You are part of the problem, I am part of the problem, we are all part of the problem.

Let’s respect Fukushima and its people.